The idea behind the junk removal service offered by DeLuca Disposal Solutions is actually pretty simple – we take your junk away and you don’t have to worry about it. To avoid making a simple idea complicated, we also make is simple to get the information you need to properly utilize our junk removal service and get the fast response and excellent customer service that you deserve.

The main reason that DeLuca Disposal Solutions was started was to offer high quality sanitation service to the people who needed it, but were not getting it. While municipalities try their best to offer residential removal services, they fall well short of the ideal customer service mark because municipalities are simply not sanitation companies. DeLuca Disposal Solutions is a premier sanitation company and we want to be your residential removal service.

We Make It Easy

We offer bill paying online and we also have our customer service phone number that is staffed by our professional associates. You can reach us by email, or you can set up an appointment to have one of our sanitation experts come to your location to discuss your needs and issues. We are never happy with the service we offer until YOU tell us that it is the best sanitation service you have ever had.

We Have A Legacy Of High Quality Service

The DeLuca family has been delivering high quality service to its customers for many years in areas such as construction, masonry and landscaping work. We sit down with each customer and find out what is important to that customer before we even start quoting our work. The job we quote is useless if it doesn’t exceed YOUR expectations and that is why we don’t get started until we have all of your details.

After years of servicing a long list of very satisfied customers in other service fields, we saw a NEED to move into the sanitation industry and bring our high quality customer service with us. We recognized the lack of focus on the customer in other sanitation providers and we simply could not allow that to continue. Residential clients deserve the highest quality sanitation service and that is why DeLuca Disposal Solutions was founded.

It All Starts With A Focus On The Customer

Whether you are looking for a sanitation service for your personal home or your rental property, DeLuca Disposal Solutions has the resources and experience necessary to get the job done. Our first step is to LISTEN to you and discuss your specific needs. How often do you need pick-up? Is it back door service or street service? We will not give you a quote or begin work until we have your answers to all of the important service questions.

We Have The Service You Need

Our residential service is available to individuals, small groups and large groups. Whether you have a single home or a large apartment complex, we have the manpower and equipment necessary to get the job done. We give you an option over having to utilize overpriced sanitation service that may not be meeting your needs because we understand how important good service is in the sanitation industry.

Call Us Today!

Even if you think that you are happy with your current residential sanitation service, we still urge you to give us a call and let us show you what it really means to have supreme customer service. We will listen to your needs and then give you an honest quote on a reliable service that you can trust. We stake our family’s name and reputation on the work we do and that is why we work so hard to make your residential sanitation service the very best it can be.

The Following are important items concerning the pickup of your household garbage.

  • Household garbage includes any waste generated on a daily basis. This excludes vehicle parts, hazardous waste, liquid paint, motor oil, or other unacceptable materials.
  • ALL WASTE SHOULD BE PLACED IN THE CAN. If you have a bag or two more try to fit them in your can even if the can lid is open slightly.
  • DeLuca Disposal Solutions does take yard waste at an additional cost, please call us for pricing. All yard waste must be put in bags not to exceed 30 lbs. and should be placed next to your can. Keep in mind – additional costs may apply if you are exceeding your weekly limit of trash based on service. If you go above the allotted amount you must notify the office as charges will apply (additional bags or cans).
  • For sanitary reasons, use a plastic bag for all trash. If you have Styrofoam packing material, known as “peanuts,” or any light items (for example, plastic grocery bags) which could easily blow away, Please secure these types of items in a bag before placing in the can so the material will not blow out and litter the streets and neighborhoods.

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