(a) Collection utilities shall comply with all customer bill of rights provisions identified in (c) below.
(b) At least once each year, every solid waste collector shall notify its customers that solid waste collection services in this State are available on a competitive basis and include with that notice a copy of a customer bill of rights.
(c) The customer bill of rights shall set forth the following information:

1. A commercial, industrial or institutional customer has the right to select their solid waste collector on a competitive basis and to discontinue service at any time, unless contractually obligated by a service agreement, provided that the collector is provided with a minimum of seven days’ written notice;

2. Residential customers who are responsible for hiring their own collection service have the right to select their solid waste collector on a competitive basis and to discontinue service at any time, provided the collector is given seven days written notice;

3. The solid waste collector shall provide collection service in the service territories listed in its tariff;

 4. A statement that the solid waste collector’s tariff showing terms and conditions is available for review at the Department and that a complete list of solid waste collectors registered to provide service in their service territory is available from the Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste;

5. The solid waste collector shall handle customer complaints in a prompt, courteous, and efficient manner and that in the event a solid waste collector fails to pick up solid waste on a regularly scheduled day and such failure is not caused by an act or omission of the customer, the collector shall make the pick up as soon as possible, but in no event shall it be later than the next regularly scheduled collection day. Should a collector fail to pick up solid waste from a commercial, industrial or institutional customer on two consecutive collection days, and such failure is not caused by an omission or act of the customer, the customer may cancel any service agreement or contract with the collector;

6. The solid waste collector shall remove and transport solid waste in an environmentally sound manner that safeguards the public health and preserves the quality of the environment;

7. The solid waste collector shall notify its customers in writing at least 10 days prior to any increase or decrease in rates;

8. The solid waste collector shall provide ten days’ written notice to the customer prior to the discontinuation of service. A collector may discontinue service for nonpayment of bills provided it gives the customer at least ten days for payment of the bill before issuing the ten day notice of discontinuing service;

9. Where solid waste collection service is provided in containers or other equipment supplied by the solid waste collector, and the service is discontinued either by the solid waste collector or the customer, the solid waste collector shall be required to remove its container or other equipment from the customer’s premises within three days of the effective date of discontinuance regardless of the status of the account;

10. The Department is available to resolve service or pricing issues and disputes and the solid waste collector shall not terminate service for non-payment of disputed charges during a Department investigation;

11. The customer may make partial payments on collection service and disposal fees without risk of additional charges, penalties or disruption of service on the unresolved amount of a service or pricing issue or dispute and/or disputes forwarded to the Department for resolution;

 12. If a customer will be absent from their residence or business for at least 30 days, the customer may request suspension of solid waste collection services and billing for that period without charge;

13. The collector is responsible for assisting the customer in the selection of the most favorable service to meet the customer’s needs at the most reasonable rate;

14. In the event of inclement weather when operation of a solid waste vehicle would pose a threat to the safety of the pubic and/or the equipment and personnel of the collection company, pick up shall be made no later than the next regularly scheduled day. In those cases where collection is made on a once per week basis, pick up shall be made as soon as weather permits;

15. A solid waste collector shall transmit copies of any notice of discontinuance of service to the Department at the same time it is transmitted to the customer

16. Solid waste services contracts or agreements shall not include any clause which calls for an automatic renewal of the contract or agreement. The automatic renewal clause of any existing contract shall be considered void November 4, 2002.

17. Solid waste collection utilities shall display their name, as it appears on their Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, and any “trading as name” on all vehicles and containers.
(d) Every solid waste collector shall certify to the Department that each customer was provided with a customer bill of rights as required pursuant to (a) above.

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